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Different Types of Door Locks Locks are put in place to provide safety for our homes. For more families, they still trust in their locks to secure their homes than other more advanced security devices for the home. It is just natural for families to want to protect their homes from thieves who will try to break into their homes and rob them, and locks will help them prevent this. In the marketplace today, you can find many different types of locks being sold. There are many door locks that you can use only inside your home. There are others that have keys made up of metal and some of plastic. With different types of houses, different types of door locks are used. Hotels, today, use cards instead. An identification card which serve as their keys is given to the hotel guest when he check in. During the stay of the particular guest, their card keys are programmed to be used only by them. This special type of key is used by places that are open for the public to facilitate order when they have misplaced their key cards. Key cards are not the type that you want for your home. The regular locks are the most common and most used simple type of door lock. This door lock, however, can only be opened and closed from the inside. You don’t use keys on this type of lock. When the door is locked you cannot come in unless someone from the inside opens it. This type of lock is useless when the family goes out because your entire home will be wise open to thieves. This is the same with the chain lock. It is not necessary to put a hole in the wall because it uses a chain instead. And to make it more secure, people usually add a bolt lock to it. There is not much security with simply a chain lock.
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We also have the hole to hole lock which is always used with a padlock. There is a hole in the wall and in the door. Sometimes, a metal piece is attached to the door with the same hole as that which is in the wall. You then inset a padlock in both holes to secure the place. However, a padlock can also easily be destroyed by thieves.
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There is another type of lock which is the deadbolt lock. Hotels also use deadbolt locks in their rooms. You can use different types of keys for a deadbolt lock. Metal, plastic, or digital keys can work with this type of lock. You can have a single cylinder deadbolt lock, or one that has two cylinders. Opening the lock with a key from the outside is possible for the first type of deadbolt lock. Both inside and outside of a double cylinder lock can be opened by a key.