Joe Kashurba: Founder and CEO of Kashurba Web Design Group

Joe Kashurba is the CEO and founder of Kashurba Web Design Group, the premier place to start and grow an online business. He is an expert online marketer and web designer. His company assists individuals and firms in the design and building of a web presence that will develop their businesses into viable, highly profitable enterprises. From humble beginnings as a high-school entrepreneur, Joe has grown his business to an internationally known web-design powerhouse. Joe graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, where he earned a degree in Information Science and a minor in Computer Science.

Joe Kashurba: Online Entrepreneur

Joe began his entrepreneurial business as a freelance web designer when he was in his teens. At the start, he was charging clients $300 for a website. Today, his firm designs and builds $30,000 websites and oversees 7-figure advertising budgets for some of the world’s largest businesses. Always eager to share his success, he also mentors burgeoning entrepreneurs, web designers, firms and agencies, providing them a blueprint on how to build their own profitable businesses.

Kashurba Web Design

Kashurba Web Design excels at making your web presence highly visible and profitable. They will ensure that each site is search engine optimized (SEO) and that it ranks highly on the first page of Google and other search engines. They help their clients identify their ideal customers and then set up a site that addresses specific needs of these customers by developing and packaging a strategic set of core goods and services. They work with a wide spectrum of businesses. Included in their diverse portfolio of clients are The Colbert Law Firm, Orlando, Florida; Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research, New York, New York; Laurel Vista Farms, Somerset, Pennsylvania; and National Gunite, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In Conclusion

Through his company, Kashurba Web Design, Joe Kashurba helps business clients develop a web presence that is beautiful, viable, scalable, and profitable. His company has grown it into a vibrant agency with numerous clients around the world. Potential clients can check out his methodology at no cost by using a free training session for web entrepreneurs and online businesses.